The Start

I began thinking at a young age. Not just thoughts, but ideas. I was writing books before I knew how to spell (forcing my god mother to write the words while I told the story to her. Then proceeding to glue cut pieces of paper together to create books -coloring each page, of course). I started reading in high-school, and began collecting a library ever since. I found law soon after, and philosophy with it. I was at the tip of the iceberg, fascinated by thoughts and ideas and complex theory, but I found myself longing for more. I wasn’t satisfied by reading theory. I wanted to create theory of my own. I began writing dissertations and publishing academic articles; asking questions and trying to think things that hadn’t been thought. I didn’t want to just learn what others found, I wanted to find something myself. I just didn’t know what there was left that hadn’t already been looked at. I began writing and researching every idea I had, following sociology philosophers like Malcom Gladwell, or thinking how I can expand Socrate’s theories on teaching. I started to collect all of my thoughts, even though they have no link. This is where all of that work will be published. There will be no order. 

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

-Oscar Wilde